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We offer full Gynecological care, specializing in IN OFFICE treatment of heavy menstral flow (hysterectomy alternative).

  • Hysterectomy Alternative (IN OFFICE) using NovaSureNovaSure Web Page (We offer Hysterectomy alternative IN OFFICE to patients in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Covington, New Orleans, Mandeville, and Slidell areas)
  • Urinary Incontinence Testing (IN OFFICE)
  • Minimally invasive (laparoscopic assisted) hysterectomy & incision-free (vaginal hysterectomy)
  • Pregnancy Confirmation and Ultrasound, (we will continue to offer 3D/4D in office ultrasounds)
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  • Ovarian Cancer Ultrasound Screening offered to Patients and Non-Patients $150.00  ***NEW SERVICE! Call our office for details.***
  • Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

    The “Cadillac” of Hormone Therapy Implantable Estrogen and Testosterone Pellets, (we offer testosterone and estrogen pellet insertions in the office to patients from Baton Rouge, Hammond, Covington, New Orleans, Mandeville, and Slidell areas). Click here to see how to “Get Your Zest Back.  More details are down below.

  • Well Woman Care
  • Effective treatments for Low Sexual Desire, Painful Sex, Orgasm Difficulties, Chronic Vaginal Odor.
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    Dr. Mooney and Dr. Berry only use FDA approved medical devices that they believe are safe and effective for their patients.  Below are some helpful web links that are to be used for informational purposes only.

    NovaSure Web Page

    ACOG (The American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists) Patient Web Page

    • Introducing—ESTROGEN AND TESTOSTERONE PELLETS: The “Cadillac” of Hormone Therapy 

      An extremely effective form of bio-identical hormone therapy is subdermal pellets made from estradiol or testosterone.  This is in our opinion the best form of HRT and it almost always works when other methods have failed.  For women who are having difficult menopause transitions due to problems with absorption, marked fluctuations in hormone levels or who have lost their ovaries surgically at a young age (perhaps due to endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease), hormones in this form can restore a quality of life and function which has been lost.  Economically, this is more efficient than multiple medical visits, time lost from work, or the suffering of severe menopausal symptoms such as disturbed sleep, depression, anxiety, fatigue, muscle aches, hot flashes, etc.  It cannot be overemphasized that patients who are inadequately replaced will have many more visits for symptoms such as heart palpitations, migraines, urinary dysfunction, visits for sexual dysfunction, chronic aches and pains.  These patients will probably have many unnecessary tests for arthritis, for chronic fatigue syndrome, for lupus, and many other complaints.

      Pellets solve the problem of unpredictable absorption of complex compounds through the skin or bowel.  This is a major problem when bio-identical hormones are compounded and taken either orally or through the skin.  Each pellet consists of pure crystalline 17 beta estradiol—the natural estrogen produced by the human ovary, which releases into the blood stream, attains a steady state, and then will get used up as the estrogen is metabolized in the body.  This will provide a steady estrogen level of approximately 150-250 picograms per ml, which is a therapeutic level.  Each pellet lasts from 4-5 months.  The pellets are completely absorbed by the body.  The use of pellets has dramatically decreased the amount of physician visits by these patients for other related problems.  We can show that, once the patients have been stabilized, most patients requiring pellets two to three times a year and requiring very little in the way of other medical therapy in between times.  The requirements for use of estrogen pellets include a normal gynecological exam, a normal mammogram, no previous history of breast or uterine cancer, and no history for clotting disorders.  This is no different than the contraindications for any other estrogen use.  The gynecological exam can be done by your own gynecologist, if you are not an established patient with us.

      The ovary also produces male hormones, which are similar to testosterone.  Another source of androgen (male hormone) in a woman is the adrenal gland, which produces a substance known as dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate.  There is a dramatic fall in both of these products around the time of menopause.  The resulting loss of androgens causes a decrease of energy and decrease in sex drive and vaginal lubrication in a percentage of women.  For women who have problems with low male hormones, we have been adding a pure bioidentical crystalline testosterone pellet along with the estradiol.  This is particularly useful for women whose ovaries have been surgically removed.  This provides an androgen level which is compatible with that of the normal range of female patients.

      Benefits include:

      • The use of these pellets cause a feeling of well being, increased energy, and ESPECIALLY an increase in sex drive.  Many women liken it to feeling in their 20’s again.
      • Transdermal testosterone may also be safer to use because there is also less lowering of HDL-cholesterol (good cholesterol) because the testosterone in the pellets by-pass the liver.
      • Stability of hormones blood levels compared to the fluctuation experienced with injections, pills, or patches.
      • Androgens, such as testosterone, also add to bone density.  Some studies have shown as much as a 25% increase in bone density.
      • Finally, testosterone is a very effective treatment for the breast tenderness associated with fibrocystic breast disease since it reduced ductal hyperplasia of the breast.


      Estrogen and Testosterone hormone pellets should be used with caution in women who have their uterus because continuous exposure to estrogen on the uterus may increase the risk of uterine cancer unless the patient faithfully uses progesterone.

      The implant procedure consists of injecting a small amount of local anesthesia in the skin of abdominal wall or the outer thigh.  A tiny nick is made in the skin with a scalpel.  A large needle is placed through this incision and the pellets are inserted.  The incision is then closed with a Steri-Strip, and pressure is applied until bleeding stops, and the area is then covered with a dressing.  We have not had any major problems in terms of side effects from this procedure.  Some expertise is required in terms of placing the pellets so that underlying structures are not traumatized.  This has been acquired with a great deal of experience.

      The procedure, including the expense of the pellets, currently costs approximately $350 (plus copay/deductible for office visit-whichever one applies to your insurance).  This works out to around $60-$70 per month making it competitive cost-wise and even less expensive than many other forms of HRT.  Unfortunately, pellets are not covered by insurances and will not be billed to your insurance company.  Payment is expected in full at time of insertion.

    • At the office of Dr.Tim Mooney and Dr. Mark Berry, we have focused our efforts to develop and provide services that will address the many needs and concerns of today’s woman in a professional, caring environment.  Since we no longer treat Obstetric patients, we have more quiet, uninterrupted time in a private and relaxed setting in which to deal with your other medical issues.

      We offer full Gynecological care, specializing in IN OFFICE treatment of heavy menstrual flow (hysterectomy alternative).

      Testosterone and Estrogen Pellet Insertion (Click on “Services” Tab on the right side of your screen for more information, or clickhere “To Get YourZest Back)

      Ovarian Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women.  Unfortunately, there are no established guidelines for the screening and early detection of this disease.  To bring peace of mind to those who may have concerns about this disease, we are offering a low cost, high resolution ovarian ultrasound to screen for ovarian cancer.  THIS SERVICE IS AVAILABLE TO BOTH OUR PATIENTS AND PATIENTS WHO RECEIVE THEIR CARE FROM OTHER PHYSICIANS.  PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE FOR DETAILS AT (985) 345-2555. 

      Click this link for Ovarian Cancer FAQ Sheet from


    • The Benefits of Testosterone Pellet Therapy